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Petsitting and Walking Services

Tara Walker: 07578 134255

Doggy Daycare

This service is perfect if you have a puppy that has already had their injections and you would like them to have company, toilet training and socialisation for the day. Or if you have a dog that just loves company and wants to be around people and other dogs and not left alone for too long. If your out most of the day then pups and dogs really benefit from daycare. They have fun making new furry friends and it is great physical and mental stimulation for them with plenty of playtime making for a more contented tired dog in the evening. Your pup is never left alone while with us and is not taken to my home. They come out for the day with us at 11am in our doggy van on our lunchtime walks with other sociable dogs until they are dropped off to your home after their fun-filled adventures.

Please Note: Young pups are only exercised according to their age and breed. 


Subject to Availability

Times are 11am pickup to 3pm drop off

£20 per Day